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Nikah Ceremonies & Weddings


Nikah Ceremonies & Weddings

And We created you in pairs (Surah An-Naba)
A ‘Nikah’ is a religious ceremony and contract required to legally wed a Muslim couple under Islamic law, in the presence of an Imam.
We offer nikah and wedding services at Al-Azhar Mosque, which can be organised via appointment with the Imam. Our hall and equipment can also be rented out for
the ceremony.To arrange a nikah, we will require the following documentsand information:

Preferred Date and Time of Nikah:

We will do our best to meet preferred times, however, this is based on the availability of the imams, and there will be occasions
when this may not be possible.

Passport or Driving License:

Photographic ID is required of both the bride and groom

Birth certificates:

If names have changed, the original copy of the deed poll is required

Proof of Address:

Utility bill or bank statement can be used as proof of address


We require Decree Absolute & Talaq Documents in accordance with Islamic Sharia


Former spouse’s death certificate

Please note:

We advise all couples to register their marriage at the registration office of the local authority prior to the nikah, for further details please contact
Please Contact: Ibrahim Ali 07886 800159